IRRS Mission Kick-off Meeting was Held

September 8, 2022
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The IRRS Mission’s kick-off meeting with participation of 20 experts from around the world was held at NDK’s headquarter.

The "Integrated Regulatory Review Service" (IRRS) mission to Türkiye started with the kick off meeting held on September 5, 2022 at the NDK headquarter. NDK President Dr. Zafer DEMİRCAN started his speech by noting that with the establishment of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in 2018, a new transformation started in the field of nuclear energy and ionizing radiation in Türkiye. He stated that providing services with an effective organizational structure and a strong inspection capacity is among NDK’s priorities. Stating that approximately 50 NDK personnel are involved in the successful fulfilment of the IRRS Mission, Dr. DEMİRCAN concluded his speech by wishing that the IRRS Mission to bring new and beneficial results.

Afterwards, Head of Mission Delegation, Mr. George SCHWARZ started his speech by thanking the employees of our Authority for the warm welcome and cooperation. Expressing that he had carried out IRRS missions in different countries before, he learned different practices from each country he visited, and that each country had practices suitable for its own unique conditions, he wished the mission to be carried out successfully for the next two weeks.

Senior Nuclear Security Officer, Mr. Zia SHAH emphasized that the IRRS Mission is not an inspection carried out for member states, on the contrary the main purpose of the Mission is to improve nuclear safety practices in member states.

During the mission, our country's nuclear energy regulatory infrastructure and current legislation will be reviewed, and the recommendations of the IAEA and examples of good practice will be noted. During the IRRS Mission to be held between 5-16 September 2022, visits will be organized to facilities located in different provinces.

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