The INSC Project’s Kick-off Meeting was Hosted by Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NDK)

December 7, 2023

The kick-off meeting of the Authority's Project, entitled “Further Strengthening the Nuclear Safety and Radioprotection Regulator in Türkiye” took place as part of the European Instrument for International Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC) under the European Commission.

The Delegation of the European Union to Türkiye, the Delegation of the European Commission, Project Coordionators of the Consortium and the service units of NDK participated in the kick-off meeting. During the opening speeches, it was emphasized that the Project will make substantial contributions to the NDK in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation safety.

The primary objective of this Project is to attain an efficient nuclear safety culture, as well as nuclear safety and radiation safety standards that are on par with those of nations in the European Union, and to enhance the regulatory efficacy of the NDK.

Within this framework, thirteen experts from eight international institutions and organizations, including regulatory authorities and technical support organizations from various countries, participated in four-day meetings to evaluate and determine the Project's details. The Authority's expectations for the Project were communicated to the Consortium, and a roadmap was developed to guide the Project’s implementation in the future.

Within the context of the the Project, which encompasses 7 tasks and 15 sub-tasks in the crucial areas of nuclear safety and radiation safety over a period of three years, it is planned to enhance the competency of our Authority and reinforce its regulatory control through collaborative work with institutions and organizations within the Consortium. 

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